This is a self initiating program that begins as soon as you enroll.

There are 11 modules and each module is spaced a week apart.

This is a course of study of about 3 months.



One time payment: $165


* 11 modules with e-mail sequence
* 11 weeks discourses (downloadable)
* 11 weekly transmissions
* 11 guided audio meditations
(Divine Embodiment Series)
* Affirmation Series
* A containing, telepathic matrix
* Access to course site

Course Book ~ Order from Amazon.com, see below.


Ordering the Course Book

  • Please order the course book from Amazon.

    This is a separate purchase.

    Available as a Hardback, Paperback and E-book.





Refunds on enrollment in the online course, Coming Home to Divine Presence, will be made after deducting a $100 administrative fee plus the prorated amount of month(s) you were in the course. If you feel you will back out of this course, for whatever reason, please select the monthly payment plan. Once enrolled, no refunds are given for the first month.